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Where Public Transportation Goes, Community Grows

The importance of public transportation to communities continues to grow. A multi-modal future allows mobility and freedom to an entire generation.

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Communities are our most important networks. They’re not just spots on a map, or collections of random people. Communities are places where people share common connections with each other. Our choices on where to live, work, learn, meet, and play grow with the connections we create. And with strong connections come economic opportunities and vibrant communities.

As Americans' preferences are shifting toward public transit-centric living, and hunger for the familiarity and convenience of close-knit communities is increasing, public transportation has never been such an essential part of American infrastructure. It’s an undeniable fact: Public transit drives growth, attracts development and builds greater value along its corridors. So restaurants find diners, landlords find renters, families find local pharmacies, employers attract employees and those employees find good jobs and valuable places to live. 

When you combine the broad economic impact public transportation has with the public and private companies that form our industry, it allows us to turn every dollar invested in public transportation into four dollars of economic growth. That’s billions of dollars and millions of jobs, today, and as we update and improve our nation’s infrastructure and build into the future.   

For a nation that has always sought out ever-smarter ways to connect and thrive, what’s been true for a century is true today: where public transportation goes, community grows.


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