How Millennial are Your
Local Travel Habits?

  1. Are you a member of a local bikesharing program?

    • No
    • Yes
  2. Are you a member of Zipcar, Uber, or another car-sharing service?

    • No
    • Yes
  3. How many cars does your household own?

    • 2 or more
    • 1 or fewer
  4. Do you use smartphone apps to track public transportation?

    • I do not use apps to plan a trip.
    • I use public transit applications to know when the bus or train will arrive.
  5. Do you use a smartphone during your commute?

    • I use it to text, check work email, Facebook and or Twitter.
    • I rarely look at my phone, because it’s distracting.
  6. Do you think having a family means you should relocate to a suburb?

    • Yes, suburbs here I come
    • No, I can live where ever I please.
  7. Do you consider having access to a variety of transportation modes when picking a neighborhood?

    • Yes, give me options like trains, busses, biking, cars and walking!
    • No, freeway access and parking are most important to me.
  8. Does saving money and avoiding traffic determine how you get somewhere?

    • I think about it, but driving is more practical in my opinion.
    • Yes, I go where there is ample free parking and no tolls.
    • I choose which ever option is easier on my wallet and gets me out of sitting in traffic.
  9. As you travel around your community, do you incorporate some form of exercise?

    • Yes, I make walking or biking a regular part of my commute whenever feasible.
    • I do not incorporate exercise into my daily commuting habits nor for weekend errands.
    • If the weather is nice and it’s the weekend, I’ll run or walk while doing errands.
  10. As you get around your neighborhood locally, how do you normally travel?

    • I drive to most of my destinations.
    • I frequently use public transit in combination with walking, biking or taking a taxi.
    • I often drive to the train station, park my car and take public transit.