Fuel Savings Calculator

Calculate How Much You Can Save by Taking Public Transportation Instead of Driving

This calculator will help you compare the price of using public transportation with the price of paying at the pump and then parking your car in town. You may set variables for the price of gas and the length of the round trip to match the price of gas in your area and the length of your round trip.

Find Public Transportation In Your Community

Visit the Public Transit in Your Community page to locate the public transit system in your community.

* Based on the following estimates for increased costs of maintenance and tire replacement per mile.

  Small Car
per mile
Medium Car
per mile
Large Car
per mile
per mile
per mile
Maintenance 4.15 cents 4.32 cents 4.94 cents 4.39 cents 4.88 cents
Tires 0.71 cents 1.13 cents 1.15 cents 0.81 cents 1.27 cents

** Those who receive free parking may instead be entitled to a public transit subsidy up to $230 per month.  Click on It Pays To Ride Public Transportation to find out more. 

*** If you can live with one less vehicle in your household, you would save an additional $5,716 in car ownership cost (full-coverage insurance, license, registration, taxes, depreciation and finance charge).

The ownership, maintenance and tire replacement cost are from the AAA 2012 Your Driving Costs.

Further Reading

  • 76% of public funding for transit is spent creating and supporting hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs