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Sample Press Release Announcing New Prominent Member of Coalition

For Immediate Release        Contact: [NAME]
[DATE]                               [PHONE NUMBER]

[Organization] Joins Forces With [Number] Local Businesses and Community Groups to Promote Public Transportation

Coalition Says New Member Will …

[add specific language; examples: Help Raise Awareness About Environmental Benefits of Public Transportation; Push Public Transportation Use For Those With Disabilities; Showcase Public Transportation Reliability and Access]

[city/state/community] -- [name of organization] today became the newest member of the [coalition name], a partnership of [number] local businesses, labor organizations and community groups working to raise awareness about the importance of public transportation in [city/state/community] and generate greater support for transit among public officials.

[INSERT QUOTE FROM NEW ORGANIZATION – Examples: "Public transportation helps to clear crowded highways, alleviate air pollution and create jobs. It is a cornerstone of a strong community, and we are proud to have [new member] join us in promoting its value to our community," said [name of organization]. OR "The [coalition name] represents a wide range of organizations and interests, but we have all joined forces because we believe so strongly in the need to support reliable, accessible public transportation in our community. As the President of [name of organization], I am very pleased to welcome [new member] to this worthwhile cause."

The [coalition name] was created in [month], 2001 by the [local transit authority] and concerned organizations to highlight how public transportation makes [city/state/community] a more livable community. The coalition, which includes [insert most recognizable names], is especially interested in increasing federal, state and local investment in public transportation infrastructure. [Cite specific priorities.]

"[INSERT QUOTE FROM COALTION LEADER – Examples: "We are pleased that [name of organization] has joined the [coalition name] and will be helping us to promote the value of public transportation across [city/state/community]. [Name of organization]’s expertise in [insert issue area] will be a tremendous resource for our coalition as we work to educate all community members – even those who don’t currently take advantage of public transportation – about the tangible benefits of affordable, accessible and reliable transit options," said [coalition name] Chairperson [name].. OR "The [name of organization] has an excellent reputation for supporting projects and coalitions that affect positive change in our community," said [coalition name] Chairperson [name]. "We know that [name of organization] shares our commitment to and enthusiasm for public transportation, and we are excited to have the organization’s [number] members on our team."


facts about public transportation]

On a daily basis public transportation, provides [city/state/community]’s [number] residents with a safe, affordable and reliable public transportation option. It also helps raise the standard of living and quality of life by:

  • Alleviating Traffic Congestion – Public transportation helps lessen traffic on crowded highways and reduces workers’ commute times.
  • Boosting Real Estate Value – Public transportation fuels local development, promotes more livable neighborhoods and can in turn raise local property values.
  • Improving Air Quality – By reducing air pollution from single-passenger vehicles, public transportation helps everyone breathe easier.
  • Allowing People to Live Independent Lives - Public transportation helps all sorts of people, including seniors and people with disabilities, to lead active, independent lives.
  • Creating Jobs - {#} people in community X are employed by public transportation authorities.
  • Saving Energy - Public transportation reduces dependence on non-renewable energy supplies such as gasoline.
  • Fostering Strong Neighborhoods – Public transportation helps residents attend community events, allows for the creation of pedestrian-only zones and can provide needed transportation services in times of crises or natural disaster.

The following organizations and businesses belong to the [coalition name]: [INSERT COALTION NAMES]

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