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Sample Press Release Announcing Formation of Coalition

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Public Transit ‘Fastest Ticket To [COMMUNITY]’s Future,’

New Coalition of Business And Community Leaders Says

[CITY/STATE/COMMUNITY]—Local business and community leaders have formed a new coalition to push for additional investments in public transportation, calling mass transit a key to [community]’s economy, environment and quality of life.

"Public transportation is the fastest ticket to [community]’s future," [name], [title] of [coalition], said. "Investments in transit pay for themselves several times over—financially, economically, environmentally and, most important, in our quality of life."

Nationally, government spends $15.4 billion a year on public transportation, an investment that yields more than $60 billion in economic benefits. [Insert local data/anecdotes as appropriate.]

The [coalition] was formed to lobby policymakers for additional funds for [describe local needs.]

[insert specifics on coalition membership and structure and planned activities]

"As business leaders, we believe public transportation should be a pillar of [community]’s economic development strategy," [business member] said. "It’s the most efficient way to get employees to work and customers in the door. It cuts down on productive time that is otherwise lost in traffic. And it helps attract the most talented people and the most innovative businesses to our area."

According to national estimates, every dollar invested in running public transportation systems boosts business sales by another three. A $10 million investment in building public transportation systems creates more than 300 jobs, and the same amount spent on running them creates nearly 600 more. [Insert local data/anecdotes as appropriate.]

Public transportation is also important for [community]’s quality of life, [community organization member] said.

"Public transportation cuts down drastically on pollutants that contribute to smog," [community organization member] explained. "It means less aggravation in traffic, more green spaces rather than more blacktop roads and—ultimately—a more livable community."

Every year, public transportation prevents the emission of more than 126 million pounds of hydrocarbons, which cause smog, and 156 million pounds of nitrogen oxides, which can cause respiratory illness. Public transportation also reduces gasoline consumption by 1.5 billion a year. [Insert local data/anecdotes as appropriate.]

 Usage of public transportation is growing across the country. In 1999, Americans rode 21.2 billion miles on buses, 8.8 billion miles on commuter rail and 445 million miles in vanpools. [Insert local data/anecdotes as appropriate.]

            A list of the coalition’s members is attached.

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