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Sample Letter of Introduction to Local Media

[name of reporter]

[name of publication or media organization]

[street address]


Dear Mr./Ms. [last name]:

Public transportation is an increasingly important issue in [name of city/state/community]. [Insert an example of a timely local public transportation issue or fact]. As a result, on [date], [number] local organizations will announce that they have joined forces to promote greater awareness of the benefits of public transportation and to generate increased support among local, state and federal officials. As chairperson of this new coalition, known as [name of coalition], I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our organization.

Our coalition is comprised of diverse members ranging from businesses like [insert name] to non-profit and civic organizations such as [insert names]. Public transportation plays an essential role in ensuring a strong community by providing accessibility, mobility, choice and freedom to all its residents -- whether it be the senior citizen who rides the bus to get to the doctor’s office or the working mother who takes the train to her job.

I have enclosed a media kit that includes a fact sheet about the important impact of public transit on everyday lives here in [city/state/community] as well as information about the coalition’s goals and membership. I hope you will find these materials helpful. I will call you in the next few days to discuss our coalition in more detail and answer any questions you may have. You may contact me at [insert contact info].

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to talking with you soon.




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