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A wire service is a news agency that disseminates syndicated news copy to subscribers in the media. The most widely used wire services are the Associated Press (AP), Gannett News Service, Reuters and Knight Ridder. Consider contacting a wire service if the story has appeal that goes beyond your local community. By contacting the local bureau in your area, you have the potential to get your story or commentary picked up by newspapers across the country that find the information useful to their readers but do not have adequate staff to devote to the story.

Top Four People To Know at the Wires

Bureau chief is the main gatekeeper and sets news priorities.

Assignment editor is the day-to-day decision-maker who determines which stories get covered.

"Beat" reporters are similar to their counterparts at newspapers. If you pitch to reporters, they may need the assignment editor’s approval to proceed.

Daybook editor is the person in charge of the daily roster of events, which reporters and editors at print and broadcast media check regularly to determine what stories they will cover.

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