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What is Internet media?

Web-based media can take many forms, but three of the most common types are:

  1. E-zines or electronic magazines, like Slate and Salon. Often, an E-zine operates as both a Web site from which content is "pulled" by visitors and as a subscription service through which content is "pushed" to subscribers by regular e-mail, usually on a daily or weekly basis.
  2. E-mail newsletters or electronic newsletters. Yahoo! Delivers and newslinx. E-mail newsletters use only the "push" approach. They can be stand-alone publications or used to promote content on a linked Web site.
  3. News sites of traditional "brick-and-mortar" publications or broadcasters, such as,,, and online versions of local newspapers and magazines. Most major media outlets now have a Web presence. Articles that are printed or broadcast off-line sometimes differ from the online versions because different staffs and resources are involved in each, although there have been some staff consolidations in recent months.

While many Web-based media are distributed via e-mail, there are great differences among the publications. Many online publications are free, but some charge a subscription fee; many carry advertising, while some do not; some are text-based, others include color, graphics and multimedia. Some publications focus on a broad, general audience, while others are highly specialized.

[I assume most of the coalitions would be working below the radar screen of Slate, Salon, et. al. - are there local counterparts we can give them?]

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