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Exploring Online Opportunities

Like journalists at conventional news publications, editors of E-zines, E-mail newsletters and news/informational Web sites look for issues and stories that will be interesting to their subscriber or visitor bases. Since many of these electronic publications are available free, you can easily access them and assess how to develop news pegs and stories that are likely to appeal to their readership.

In exploring the online media and Web sites in your area, you should ask the following questions to determine whether a particular outlet is appropriate for your media efforts.

  • Is this a special interest Web publication or site? Does it target a specific audience that is likely to be interested in public transportation and related issues?
  • Does the Web site or publication use outside material?
  • Does it have original content, or does it only use information from other sites, wire services and other sources?
  • Is the publication text-based, with black type or color? If the publication is rich-text or HTML-based, does it use photographs, charts, illustrations and audio and video clips?
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