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Checklist: Working with the Media

  • Determine if your story has news value
  • Craft simple, memorable messages
  • Develop an effective media list. Always keep it updated
  • Issue a press release or hold an event to introduce coalition to media
  • Become a reliable, quotable source by developing strong media relationships
  • Understand media "do’s" and "don’t’s"
  • Newspapers/Wire Services
    • Know the key reporters, editors and photographers
    • Schedule and editorial board meeting
    • Submit an op-ed
    • Respond to transportation stories with letters-to-the-editor
    • Pitch a feature story or column

    Media Tip:
    How To Make Contact

    Good media relations involve choosing from a variety of methods. No one method is best; it depends upon the situation, the newsworthiness of your material and, most importantly, the preferences of the journalists with whom you’re working. These preferences will become apparent as you build working relationships with the media. Avoid the temptation to use all these channels at once; journalists do not want to be bombarded with multiple copies of information.

  • Television
    • Know the assignment editor and key reporters
    • Use a picture to tell your story
    • Place a guest on local talk and public affairs shows
    • Know and respect tight TV deadlines
  • Radio
    • Know local radio reporters, hosts and assignment editors
    • Target drive-time radio
    • Translate your message into sound-bites
    • Place guests and callers on popular local shows
  • Internet
    • Look for traditional media online
    • Learn a Web site’s target audience
    • Know how to find and get information to popular community sites  
  • Plan A Media Event
    • Wisely pick the day, time and location
    • Take time to advance the location
    • Determine the program and speaker order ahead of time
    • Give the media a heads up
    • Issue a press release on the event
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