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Assessing Your Officials’ Positions on Public Transportation

Before contacting a government official, it is important to know if he or she has taken a position on any public transportation issues. The easiest and most direct way to obtain this information is to contact the official’s office and ask for copies of any recent statements on public transportation issues. The official’s press secretary, legislative assistant or public affairs officer should be able to provide this information. You can also check the public official’s Web site or a variety of readily available sources.

  • For legislators, look up your elected official’s voting record and statements on transportation issues. You can obtain the legislative record of federal officials from APTA’s Legislative Action Center.
  • For candidates or new lawmakers, try to find relevant statements that were made during the campaign.
  • For chief executives (such as governors and mayors) and appointed officials (such as agency heads), search newspaper archives for stories, public speeches, policy statements or testimony from hearings.
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