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Communicate with Government Officials

The opinions and decisions of chief executives, policymakers and legislators at all levels of government have a significant impact on the future of public transportation. This is particularly true in Congress, where major funding decisions are made.

Public transportation draws broad support across party lines because it promotes economic development, creates jobs, reduces pollution and energy consumption, lessens traffic congestion and provides access to work, health care and social services, education and training, and recreation. While government officials are inclined to support transit, many other priorities are also competing for attention and funding. Consequently, it is critical that they hear from supporters of public transportation. A sustained effort is needed to inform public officials and candidates for public office about the issues facing transit systems -- and how they affect the everyday lives of a broad variety of their constituents.

This information provides practical guidance that will help you contact the right government officials with the right messages at the right time. The appendix at the end of this section includes sample worksheets and draft letters that can be tailored to your coalition’s needs and goals.

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