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Checklist: Building a Coalition

  • Determine the benefits of building a transportation coalition in your community.
  • Set goals for your coalition.
  • Identify community groups and individuals for coalition membership.
  •  Select the appropriate coalition structure.
  •  Determine coalition activities, events and funding.
  •  Review tips for leading a successful coalition.
  •  Prepare coalition talking points and speeches.
  •  Produce a coalition brochure and/or fact sheet on public transportation in your community.
  •  Plan a successful first meeting.
  •  Communicate with other public transportation coalitions to learn from their experiences and generate new ideas.  

Quick Tips for Building A Coalition of Support

  • Respond to coalition members' concerns in tangible, quick ways.
  • Communicate with members of the coalition on a consistent basis.
  • Seek common ground with different groups of stakeholders.
  • Recruit a prominent member of your community to become involved in the coalition. This will help give you instant notoriety and credibility.
  • When telling your story about transit, make it relevant to everyday life. The messages that work best are opportunity, choice, access, and freedom/mobility.
  • When starting to form a coalition, contact several existing coalitions to learn first hand about the steps they took and the lessons they learned.
  • Your local transit story is rooted in the character and identity of your coalition.
  • Although not necessary, becoming a 501( c ) organization also gives you more credibility when approaching public officials, Members of Congress and community organizations to promote public transportation.
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