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Sample Telephone Script to Solicit Participation

I’m calling to follow up on a letter that I sent to you last week on the formation of a new coalition to promote public transportation in [city/state/community] and throughout the nation.

[Coalition name] is being established to ensure that our local transit system gets the funds it needs to meet the community’s current needs and to keep pace with the increasing demands.

I know you’re aware of the essential role that [local public transit authority] plays in our community. That’s why I wrote to you.

[Local public transit authority] has helped support economic growth; it’s serving all workers every day as well as minority, disabled and elderly populations; it’s saving energy; and it’s reducing pollution and traffic congestion. It’s making our community stronger -- and better.

I hope you’ll join me in becoming a member of this important group. Participation is free and purely voluntary. Can I count on your help?

[If response is positive]

Great, I’ll fax you an enrollment form! Let’s plan to talk next week about how best to launch this effort. I’d be grateful for any ideas you may have.

[If response is negative]

Naturally, I’m disappointed because I believe you would make an important contribution to this group. Can you suggest any other people who might be willing to help.

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