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Sample Letter to Solicit Participation



[name of organization]

[street address]


Dear Mr./Ms. [last name]:

As a long-time supporter of public transportation, I am writing to seek your help.

Public transportation is facing critical challenges today. On the one hand, our transit system has never been stronger. In [city/state/community], ridership is at record levels this year and we expect demands will continue to grow. Our future continues to look bright.

Yet, in order to meet these increasing demands, our system must continue to invest in the infrastructure needed to maintain our facilities and expand to meet future needs. This will take additional investment by our local, state, and federal governments.

You understand the vital role that public transportation plays in our community – contributing to economic development; serving the minority, disabled and elderly communities; saving energy and reducing pollution; and helping to alleviate traffic. That is why I am inviting you to become a member of a new coalition that is being formed to promote greater awareness and support for public transportation in our community and among our local, state, and federal officials. The group will be called [coalition name]. There is no financial obligation to participate. All that is required is support for the strong future of public transportation.

I hope you will be willing to join us as a founding member of [coalition name]. I’ll call you in a few days to discuss the enclosed enrollment form and to answer any questions. I look forward to the prospect of working with you on this important issue.




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