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Build a Coalition

Coalitions are the ideal way to represent community interests, influence key policy makers, attract media attention and have an impact on funding decisions. Coalitions are particularly appropriate for public transportation because transit systems work through an intergovernmental partnership of federal, state, local  and private support, along with user fees.

Coalitions represent  a group of individuals or organizations that share common goals. A coalition may be large, formal, and highly structured, or it may be a may be small, informal and operate on an ad hoc or as-needed basis. Just as each local public transportation authority mirrors its size, characteristics, and priorities, local coalitions should reflect their unique characteristics and goals. A coalition gives you the maximum flexibility to adapt to your local needs.

The tools in this section are designed to help you develop and sustain a coalition of individuals and organizations that can communicate the benefits of public transportation in their communities to government officials, the media, and ultimately, the public in your community.

In this section:

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