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Grows Communities

  Communities Grow with Transit

  • For every dollar communities invest in public transportation, approximately $4 is generated in economic returns.
  • 1.1 million jobs are created or sustained annually.
  • 50,000 jobs result from the productivity gains of $1 billion in federal investment.
  • $66 billion in business sales are generated each year.
  • Every $10 million in capital investment in public transportation yields $30 million in increased business sales.
  • From 2006-2011, residential property values performed 42 percent better on average if they were located near public transportation with high-frequency service.
  • Public transportation is a $57 billion industry that puts people to work – directly employing nearly 400,000 people and creating hundreds of thousands of private-sector jobs.
  • $9.5 billion in local, state, and federal tax revenue are generated each year. 
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